HoloLens, is a highly innovative device from Microsoft. Microsoft introduced their next level of technological innovation named HoloLens on October 16 , last year. Microsoft foresees a great future for this technology. So they are working on HoloLens to provide best experience for users. Alex Kipman explained the awesome features of HoloLens at the launch event. From that day everyone was dreaming about a new world with HoloLens, even Microsoft and fans alike.

Development kit is on the way

The recent news claims that there are about 1000 HoloLens manufacturing devices.  It was 100, now got a big jump to 1000. That’s pretty interesting.  It seems as development kits are in production and may be shipped really soon.  Also the OS inside HoloLens it is the same as Threshold 2 (10586.63). The number of devices are only an assumption, but looks like there are more than 2000 units now. We don’t know when the development kit available. But it could be the first quarter of this year. Looks like tech world is interested very much in HoloLens technology, recently Volvo company announced that they are gonna use HoloLens for designing their new cars. Volvo also uses the Microsoft Band to give awesome experience from their car.


Via Microsoft Insider.