edge and cortana

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows 10, why ? because it has been built for simplicity, speed, security, distraction-free reading, inking on web pages and numerous other features. All these features bring me to Cortana, the personal digital assistant, which was first brought to Windows Phone 8.1, and within a year made its way to desktop pc. So, how do Edge and Cortana make you more productive while you are browsing around the web.

Since, it is the holiday season, we will share some of the cool tips, so you get the most out of Edge and Cortana.

If you are on the Anniversary update, you might know about the Extensions support on MS Edge browser. That is where we will be looking at.

Cortana can help you save money with coupons

Cortana can help you save money with coupons

Cortana can alert you with deals and coupons for the sites you’re shopping so you can be assured you’re getting the best deal!

Searching images with Cortana

Search images with Cortana in Microsoft Edge

This is especially handy if you wanted to purchase something that was sold out, or you want to purchase something you saw in an image search. Cortana can help you find similar images, Simply right-click the image and select “Ask Cortana”.

Cortana Reminders on Microsoft Edge

Ask Cortana to remind you of sales when browsing in Microsoft Edge
This one is really fab. Say you want Cortana to remind you to check back on your favorite website. Simply select the text on the page you’re browsing, press Windows key + H to bring up share screen and select Cortana reminders. Cortana will instantly enable you to create a reminder.

Save gift ideas for later with the Pinterest Save Button


Easily collect photos, recipes or gift ideas that you want to look at later to inspire your shopping list with the Pinterest Save Button extension in Microsoft Edge.

Using Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant


The Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant extension for Microsoft Edge will remember the products you browse online automatically, so you can easily come back to them later. You can also save “Favorite” items and get notified when prices change, compare products across sellers and share items you love with others. Download the extension from the Windows Store for free here.

Find the best deals with Amazon Assistant


With the Amazon Assistant extension for Microsoft Edge you can compare prices, get notified about deals and create a universal shopping list across websites. Download the extension from the Windows Store for free here.

What do you think of all this fun stuff you could do on Windows 10? Do let us know in the comments below.