Unigram recently pushed an update in the Microsoft Store (v4.0) for Windows 10 and includes loads of new features and bug fixes.

If you are a Unigram user, the only way to navigate around the interface of the application is through a mouse.

However, with the latest update, this is set to change, at least for a Power user who likes to stick to the keyboard most of the time.

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to add (useful) shortcuts for the Unigram app on Windows 10.

Disclaimer: This is a early preview of a more complete feature.

  • Go to this page and copy/paste the (RAW) json to a text file on your PC. (Notepad will do)
  • Open a new run window by press Windows Key + R.
  • Type %LOCALAPPDATA% and press enter.
  • Navigate to Packages\38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_g9c9v27vpyspw\LocalState
  • Right click on an empty space and select New > text document
  • Rename the file to shortcuts.json and hit enter
  • Right click on the newly created shortcuts.json and open with Notepad.
  • Paste the data obtained in Step 1 above, and save the file.
  • Now we are ready to rock!

Once done, the app will automatically pick up any shortcut placed in shortcuts.json.

To test the functionality, open the application and try these shortcuts:

  • CTRL + F to search
  • CTRL + 0 for self chat
  • CTRL + 1 display all chats
  • CTRL + l lock Telegram
  • CTRL + m minimize Telegram
  • CTRL + Tab Go to next chat
  • and etc.

The shortcuts.json file is itself self-explanatory for other useful actions.

I hope this tutorial was useful. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.