On Windows 10 Mobile, you now can become a Windows Insider for receiving Windows 10 Mobile preview builds. As an insider you can enjoy features and changes in advance that will come to non-insiders after several months. The Windows Insider registration process is even easier than enrolling for “preview for developers”. In this article, we will walk you through steps of registering as Windows Insider on both Redstone (Anniversary update) and Threshold. We will even tackle the question of should you register as “Windows Insider” at all.

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Steps to join Insider Programme on Redstone:

Join Insider Preview Redstone

  1. You need to go to Settings–>Update & Security–>Windows Insider Programme and tap on Get Started
  2. Tap on next on the next screen
  3. Tap on Restart now to start receiving Insider Builds

Steps to opt out of Insider Programme on Redstone:

Stop Insider Preview Redstone

  1. You need to go to Settings–>Update & Security–>Windows Insider Programme and tap on Stop Insider Preview Builds.
  2. On next screen select “Need to stop getting Insider Builds completely”
  3. On next screen tap on confirm
  4. Restart Now and you are done.

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Steps to register as Windows Insider on Threshold:

1) Go to insider.windows.com from your Windows Phone or your PC and tap on “get started”.

Windows Insider

2) Now enter your “Microsoft account” login credentials and click on login and you are registered as a Windows Insider. The “Microsoft account”to be used ideally is the same account that you use natively for your Windows Phone.

3) Now, download and install the Windows Insider app. Once installed tap and open the app. You would see the first screen and when you will tap on this you will be taken to next screen. Now you should choose “Microsoft account” and login with same account that you have used for registering as “Windows Insider” in the 2nd step. In case a Build is available you should see it available or else it will show “no builds”.

Windows Insider

4) If your phone is supported then you will get two options of enrollment: Insider Slow and Insider fast. which is what we call as Fast Ring and Slow Ring on Window 10 Desktop. Insider Fast is the bleeding edge and you are first to get preview build, while insider slow is when bugs from Insider fast are sorted out and you get the Build later.


5) Once you pass this screen after selecting you option of Fast / Slow, your phone gets configured and reboots. Then you need to go to Settings—>Phone Update and check for updates like you use to do and follow normal procedure of updating your Windows Phone devices.

Should I becomes a Windows Insider:

If you are already enrolled to “Preview for Developers“, it is totally fine to become a Windows Insider as there are known risks or irritants. The Builds you will receive are internally tested and Microsoft won’t release something that will break your device. Though you can face similar bugs that you may have faced with Windows Phone 8.1 preview builds. I can confirm this being a “Windows Insider” for Windows 10 desktop preview, since the time it was launched.

In case, you are totally new to this “Windows Insider” or “preview for developers” thingy, you should know certain things before taking the plunge,

1) Bugs (Lots of them) may mar your experience.

2) Windows 10 for Phones initial preview Builds miss some features as compared to Windows Phone 8.1 latest builds. Check to make sure you can live with that. Click here.

3) This is the only way to receive the latest Windows 10 builds before official release later this year.

4) Preview for developers and Windows Insider (Windows 10 Desktop) experience for us has been relatively smoother, so if you ask, we recommend to go for it. But read point 1, 2 and 3 before making any decision.