Microsoft Word is one of the best and highly used app in Office suite. Latest version of i.e. Office 2016 brought many new features to the users, one of them that I like is the Ink Equation feature, by using that users can paste the several symbols which are used in math’s in their word document easily.

But today I am going to share with you a procedure by which you can set the default size and font style of your word document.
In office 16 the default font style is Calibri (body) and size is 11, which I think is very small for regular users. So following guide will help you to set default font size, style, color and many other settings for your document. Note that following steps are also applicable for Office 2013.


1. First launch Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016.
2. Then press shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Advanced Font dialog.
3. In this dialog window, you can set most of the properties of text like font size, style, effects and also color.
4. Select the values of properties which are fit for you and want to set as default.

5. After you select the values of properties that you want to adjust, then at the bottom of dialog window at left hand side you will see an ‘Set as default’ button.
6. Click on that and word will ask you to apply the setting to only this document or for all normal templates. Select the option according to you and click on apply.

So from now onwards each time you open word and starts crating document, you will see word has now selected your favourite text formatting settings as default and you don’t have to change it again.
From personal experience, I would like to tell you this small steps are really helpful and saves my time to get things done very faster.