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Insider Slow build of Office 2016 for Mac brings visual impact & more.

For those on the Slow ring of the Office Insider Program for Office for Mac, Microsoft has released a slow ring build and is now available for download on your Mac.

Office Insider builds are updated on a regular basis to provide new or improved features, security updates and bug fixes.

The newly released version is 16.14.180602 which brings Learning Tools improve readability, Visual impact, and more. Check out the full changelog below.


earning Tools improve readability

Give your eyes a rest. Adjust text spacing, column width, and page color. Or listen as Word reads your document aloud, highlighting text as it’s read.

New in:

Fill data in a flash

Give Flash Fill a few examples, and it will fill your data for you.

New in:

Break the language barrier

Translate words, phrases, or sentences in another language with Microsoft Translator.

New in:

Hyperlinks in living colors

Hyperlinks aren’t just blue anymore. Apply any font color you like.

New in:

Create a signature they’ll remember

Express yourself with rich font styles, colors, images, links, and more.

New in:

Create and collaborate with Groups

Want to create an Office 365 Group in Outlook? No problem! Add and remove members, too. Collaboration on the Mac just got easier.

New in:

Add visual impact

Bring visual interest to your documents, worksheets, presentations, and messages by inserting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that have filters applied to them.

New in:

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