source: PCWorld

Today at Computex, Intel announced their new next generation of Core X processors. In new generation Core X processors we have new and powerful Core i9 processor along with Core i5 & Core i9 processors.

According to Intel, Core i9 represents the highest performance for advanced gaming, VR and content creation. The first consumer desktop CPU will sport an 18 core and 36 threads which will give a drastic boost in performance. Below is the full list of features of Core i9 processor.

Main features 

  • 18 core with 36 threads.
  • Intel Turbo Boost technology 3.0
  • Compatible with Intel X299
  • Clock speed slightly above 4 Ghz.

Along with the announcement of Core i9, the company also announced updates to Intel Turbo Boost max technology 3.0 which will identify the two top performing cores and direct critical workloads to those cores for a big jump in single or in multi-threaded performance.

Intel also announced the new Compute card which offers the capabilities of a full computer but in the size of credit card.

Intel also argued that the new 8th generation processor will have 30 % more performance boost over the 7th generation core processor. Perhaps, Intel has not announced the dates when this will be available in the market.