Twitter was amongst the first few companies who embraced the idea of progressive web apps(PWA). The company even ended up pulling their existing twitter app on MAC in favour of PWA. Twitter PWA came into existence to the general public with the release of Windows 10 April update 1803.

Today the company releases several new features or I should say enables since the whole PWA thing barely gets any update via the store, it is always ready for the user with the latest features on it. The company finally enables night mode to its PWA which is already available on Android and iOS.

Along with night mode, there are two new important features which are also live. These changes will only be seen with the PWA i.e.,, Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows 10(1803 only).

Here is what’s new with Twitter PWA:

Updated Tweet compose box
The new tweet compose box makes it possible for you to move more easily between your Tweet and timeline, so all of your tweets are on point.

Real-time updates on reply, Retweet, and like counts
Long story short it will be exactly like what the native Twitter app on Android or iOS handles notifications. As soon as anyone likes or Retweets any of your tweets, notifications will pop up right before your very eyes.

Night Mode
This is the most wanted feature amongst the Windows 10 fan after all dark theme is what they love the most. Although it is not exactly like a dark theme like what we have on Twitter for Windows 10 mobile. It serves the purpose just fine. Drak mode or night mode is great for checking twitter at the night.

Until Windows 10 April update the Twitter app on Windows got updates like three to four times ever since its debut. Now the situation is different and yaa it is always great to see an always updated windows app.