Groove Music

Microsoft really wants you in on the Groove. For Xbox One owners who are fond of listening to music while dominating their opponents and unlocking achievements, Microsoft has a sweet little deal for you so that you do not have to settle for the same repetitive background music you have heard hundreds of times before.

With Microsoft Groove Music, you can set whatever songs you want as your background music, right within the game. Whether it is a hyped-up energy mix to get you pumped or a super chill playlist for maximum zen, YOU ARE in control.

As a first-time user, Microsoft will give you not just 1 month but a 4-month FREE trial of Groove Music.

To register for your 1-month free trial with Groove Music click on this link. (14 July – 31 August 2017)

Microsoft will then be sending you an email carrying a code for your additional 3 FREE months within the next few weeks.