Noio today released their exciting strategic game Kingdom:New Lands for Xbox One. The game trial is free of cost, so that you can try it out before buying it fully. Check out game description below.

Kingdom:New Lands

New Lands builds upon the award-winning gameplay and mystery of Kingdom by introducing an abundance of new content to the IGF-nominated title while maintaining the simplicity and depth that legions of monarchs have come to experience and enjoy. Travel to the New Lands and welcome the deluge of new mounts, merchants, and vagrants that call these isles home, but be wary of the new obstacles that threaten your arrival — for not just the greedy creatures block your way but even the environment itself can defeat you.

The game has been live on store. The full price of game is $14.99 and having size 504.37 MB. But as reported earlier, the game trial is free. So make sure that you hit following link to try out the game.

Purchase Kingdom: New Lands for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store