Office for iPhone

Microsoft has released a new Office Insider update (Slow) for Office for iOS for Version 2.43 (20102601).

Here is everything that is new.


Image-based workflows now easier to launch, complete

Starting image-based productivity workflows such as converting to PDF or PPT has now become easier! When Share is tapped from phone gallery outside the Office app, several actions like Create PPTCreate PDF and more will show up. In addition, if there are any recent screenshots, upon opening the app, these are surfaced as a suggested workflow. Users can tap on the same to get started!


Multiple windows

Open your spreadsheets in multiple windows. Work on multiple Excel files side-by-side on iPad. Note, this feature is currently only available for iPadOS 13 users.


Calendar Widget

iOS 14 is out, and Outlook is ready. We’ve got new Calendar widgets that you can add directly to your home screen.

Create emails and calendar events using voice

Give your thumbs a break and use voice commands to speed up everyday tasks such as composing a quick email or setting up a meeting. Tap the microphone in the search bar and say “Send an email to Lynn that I’m running late” or “Set up time with Perry on Thursday” and Outlook will place you a tap away from sending an email or a meeting invite. Available for eligible accounts in English in the United States.

New watch complications

If your iPhone is in your pocket and your iPad is on your desk, you can still stay on top of what’s important to you at a glance on your Apple watch. WatchOS 7 enables Outlook to introduce new complication improvements for mail and calendar. This way, not only can you choose from either or both mail or calendar complications, but the calendar complication will now include an indication of your free or busy status based on the color you’ve chosen for your Outlook Calendar color. The mail complication will also display how many unread messages you have in your Outlook Focused Inbox.

Outlook default support

You can now set Outlook as your default email app.

Time suggestions

When scheduling a meeting with colleagues, Outlook automatically provides time suggestions that make it easy to find a time that works for everyone.