Ever since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, hardly any new feature came into being that can actually bolster the World’s number one social network for professionals. With the latest Talent Hub feature that is surely going to change. The new feature enables more transparency and uses more details of the candidate to bolster the overall experience of the customers.

“Talent Hub gives hiring teams to complete visibility into every stage of the hiring process and how candidates have engaged with your company. It also uses the actions, skills, and experience of all half a billion LinkedIn members to deliver insights about your candidates, the talent pool, and the market at every stage of the hiring process.”

With Talent Hub, you’ll be able to: 

  • Open reqs and determine job targeting 
  • Source candidates via Recruiter Search 
  • Manage your complete pipeline 
  • Schedule interviews 
  • Collect feedback from hiring committees 
  • Extend offers to candidates

At present times there a total of 20 customers using the latest feature, and will be globally available later next year.