Well-known Microsoft enthusiast “Gustave” has leaked a list of upcoming Windows Core OS products on Twitter. The list includes Windows Core, Andromeda OS, Factory OS Andromeda Device, Polaris and others. Check the full list below.

  • Windows IoTOS (Microsoft.IoTOS)
  • Windows IoTEdgeOS (Microsoft.IoTEdgeOS)
  • Holographic (Microsoft.Holographic)
  • Factory OS (Microsoft.FactoryOS)
  • Factory OS Holographic (Microsoft.FactoryOSHolographic)
  • Factory OS Andromeda Device
  • (Microsoft.FactoryOSAndromeda)
  • WindowsCoreHeadless OS (Microsoft.WindowsCoreHeadless)
  • Windows Core (Microsoft.WindowsCore)
  • Hub OS (Microsoft.HubOS)
  • Andromeda OS (Microsoft.AndromedaOS)
  • Polaris (Microsoft.Polaris)
  • ModernPC (Microsoft.ModernPC)

Gustave has also confirmed that the Windows Core OS Lite has been removed from the list.

Windows Core OS is Microsoft’s new unified OS that is considered to be the future of Windows and can power all kind of devices and new form factors.