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List of Microsoft’s Windows Core OS (WCOS) products leaked. ‘Lite’ removed from the list

Well-known Microsoft enthusiast "Gustave" has leaked a list of upcoming Windows Core OS products on Twitter. The list includes Windows Core, Andromeda OS, Factory OS Andromeda Device, Polaris and others. Check the full list...

Report: Surface Phone/Andromeda device may run Win32 apps ultimately, thanks to Polaris

It has been a matter of intense speculation among fans whether the crazily awaited Surface Phone aka Microsoft Andromeda device will be able to run classical Win32 apps. Many find it to be a...

Windows 10 composers Andromeda, Polaris & Continuumphone revealed in Code-digging

We have been covering about Andromeda, the upcoming mobile composable shell for the modular Windows that will power foldable dual-screen Surface Phone/Microsoft Andromeda device. But now Window 10 code-digging by Microsoft enthusiast “Walking Cat”...

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