It has been a matter of intense speculation among fans whether the crazily awaited Surface Phone aka Microsoft Andromeda device will be able to run classical Win32 apps. Many find it to be a must-have feature on Surface Phone that will differentiate it from other smartphones and will make it a powerful device to own.

Now a report posted by an Italian site Surface-Phone has claimed to reveal some exclusive information about Surface Andromeda or Microsoft Andromeda. As per their report Surface Phone aka Surface Andromeda phone will be able to run classical Win32 apps with the second iteration of the modular “Windows Core OS”.

This means initially it may not be possible for Surface Phone to run Win32 apps but the future update may make it possible. The report claims that the Andromeda OS will also have Polaris composable shell along with Andromeda composable Shell. Polaris is the Windows 10 Desktop replacement for Windows Core OS and we recently reported it appearing in the code-digging of an insider build along with Andromeda.

The first version of Polaris will not be complete and may not be able to support Win32 apps but the second version will be able to run Win32 apps. This is why Surface Andromeda device or Surface Phone will be able to run the classical apps only when Polaris version 2 arrives.

We have been reporting about Microsoft working on a foldable dual-display Surface Mobile/Andromeda device. We even posted exclusive details about this device and you can read our exclusive coverage of Surface Phone/Andromeda top features/specs, photos & other details here.

Some recent developments like the appearance of the Apps Hub for the Andromeda device with Windows 8828080 which is, in fact, the Windows 10 with Andromeda composable shell also hint that Microsoft is preparing the eco-system to support it.

Many recent patents granted to Microsoft have revealed very detailed information about a device that looks market-ready. In the most recent Microsoft patent reported by us, Microsoft even talks about why dual-display devices are needed.

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