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Windows 10X won’t support these Win32 app features & powershell experiences

Microsoft recently confirmed about releasing the modular Windows 10X to single-screen devices first. This change of plans may be driven by the reevaluation of the market potential of dual-screen devices. But Windows 10X acceptance by...

Win32 apps on Windows 10X won’t support some features & PowerShell experiences. Details inside

Microsoft during its Developers Day event yesterday announced that Windows 10X will support most of the Win32 apps. It will do so by making use of Win32 containers. But while that is cetainly good news...

Report: Surface Phone/Andromeda device may run Win32 apps ultimately, thanks to Polaris

It has been a matter of intense speculation among fans whether the crazily awaited Surface Phone aka Microsoft Andromeda device will be able to run classical Win32 apps. Many find it to be a...

Windows 10 on ARM will be able to run classical Win32 (X86) apps, shown...

Windows 10 on ARM has been touted as the future of Windows 10 Mobile by many keen Microsoft watchers. We don't know yet whether it is the route Microsoft will take and will kill...


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