Windows 10 on ARM has been touted as the future of Windows 10 Mobile by many keen Microsoft watchers. We don’t know yet whether it is the route Microsoft will take and will kill Windows 10 Mobile. As per the info till now we have Windows 10 on ARM is focused on PCs in near-run.

But now with the confirmation that Windows 10 on ARM will be able to run Classic Win32 (X86) apps from out of the Windows Store, many more would want that to happen. This has been demoed in one of the Build 2017 sessions video, for the first time ever.

The demo video has Windows 10 on ARM running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, in this case Snapdragon 835, with all the apps, and peripherals on a mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC.

Demo shows that classic or standard Win32 apps can be installed and run exactly the same way on a PC running Widnows 10 on ARM as would expect on a normal PC. All of this action happens during the runtime through a custom Microsoft emulator, Windows on Windows (WOW).

Microsoft has time and again highlighted how they don’t want to make another Phone and will try to create a new ultimate mobile form-factor that won’t look like phones available today. That looks possible now with Windows 10 on ARM running on a Mobile – PC -Tablet hybrid device that can be used as a Phone / Tablet and can also be able to run Win32 apps out of the box.