Every change that Microsoft does in regards to Windows 10 Mobile is so hazy and unpopular that it is pretty easy to assume they will likely kill the platform the very next moment. So, again we hear the chorus of “Windows Phone is dead” or “Windows 10 Mobile is dead” fueled by some chap on Twitter.

The blame of this situations flatly lies with Microsoft, with half-baked communications and utterly poor strategy execution, as far as Mobile is concerned. In fact, under Nadella, Microsoft seems to enjoy trolling its Mobile fan-base with decisions like culling most of the devices from update cycle and ceasing first-party hardware launches. In fact only 13 devices are eligible for Creators Update officially.

But, our sources tell us that it is not the end of Windows 10 Mobile yet. Redstone 3 is still planned for Windows 10 Mobile and this update will pack many new features for Mobile including some much-needed UI changes. In fact, we hear Redstone 3>>>Redstone 2 for Mobile.

Coming to the confusion about Build 15204 for Mobile vs Build 16176 for PC, it is a temporary situation. This rather makes sure that feature development work is not stopped for Mobile, when OneCore convergence is done for Windows 10 Mobile with PC and other devices. Ultimately the Redstone 3 Builds will come in parallel just like we have seen in case Redstone 1 and 2, with Build numbers matching across PC and Mobile.

While Microsoft has never officially admitted that they are working on “Surface Phone”, our sources tell us it is still on and development work is in full swing for the Surface Phone. It is still being tested with Redstone 3. You can read our earlier Surface Phone coverage by clicking here.

Coming to Windows 10 on ARM vs Windows 10 Mobile, as far as we know at least till 2018, Windows 10 on ARM work is targeted at only PC and not Mobile form-factor. We hear that with Redstone 3 however, Windows 10 Mobile ARM64 version will be made official.

So, as much Microsoft finds pleasure in trolling Windows Phone fans with difficult to explain decisions, Windows 10 Mobile is still alive though not so much kicking. Surface Phone is on and should come running Redstone 3 out of the box. Windows 10 ARM on Mobile is not happening anytime soon.

Though, Microsoft may still plan to abandon Windows 10 Mobile completely at some point in time, given none of their recent decisions like killing their first-party hardware in favor of HP Elite X3 & Alcatel Idol 4S worked in their favour.