We have been covering about Andromeda, the upcoming mobile composable shell for the modular Windows that will power foldable dual-screen Surface Phone/Microsoft Andromeda device. But now Window 10 code-digging by Microsoft enthusiast “Walking Cat” has revealed something very interesting.


We now come to know that there is a separate Continuumphone composer too apart from Andromeda. This may be the actual Windows 10 Mobile replacement for a more traditional smatphone form-factor. Then there is Polaris that our sources claim to be the “Windows 10 S” replacement or the desktop composable shell for the future modular Windows version.

We have been reporting about Microsoft working on a foldable dual-display Surface Mobile/Andromeda device. We even posted exclusive details about this device and you can read our exclusive coverage of Surface Phone/Andromeda top features/specs, photos & other details here.

Some recent developments like the appearance of the Apps Hub for the Andromeda device with Windows 8828080 which is, in fact, the Windows 10 with Andromeda composable shell also hint that Microsoft is preparing the eco-system to support it.