Updated: It is a mistake, as confirmed by Microsoft to Spanish site OneWindows.

A new (?) Lumia device, Lumia 651 has appeared on Microsoft Mexico site. It is similar to Lumia 650 but has a 5.2-inch display instead. As you can see in the side-by-side image above other top specs are again similar to Lumia 650.

So, that warrants the question. Is this entry up by mistake?? That may be the case because as far as we know Microsoft is not working on any other Mobile device than the mythical Surface Phone. On top of that it is so much similar to Lumia 650.

Anyways, the entry is still up and we will know soon. In case you are interested here are major specs of Lumia 651.

  • Display: 5.2″
  • Talk Time: 16 horas (LTE)1
  • FFC: 5 MP FF
  • Rear Camera: 8 MP

Thanks to many of you for sending tips about Lumia 651!!