Focused Inbox

Windows 10 Mail app just got a support for digital pens. It means that users can now write an email using their digital pen(or stylus) and send it to other users. An update to Mail app was recently rolled out to Windows Insiders which brings the new feature.

The new version has a dedicated ‘Draw’ option when users wish to write a new email. The Draw option has various colorful pens and eraser just like what we have on Onenote and Microsoft Edge. The update as mentioned above is for Windows Insiders right now but will be ready for public rollout once the Microsoft thinks its ready.

Image: The Verge

Microsoft obsession with digital inking never went unnoticed. The company even free-shipped Surface pen with Surface Pro till the 4th generation of the laptop hybrid computer. It is not just Microsoft, Apple also is betting big with pen-input computing. Technology giants like Apple, Microsoft believes that a digital pen might replace the traditional pen that we are using today. Well, we will just wait and see if that transformation ever happens.