Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced May update of Microsoft Teams. In terms of changes, the latest update brings support for Remote Assist mixed-reality experience.

Also, the latest update also brings new features and improvements. Check out the full changelog below.

May 23, 2018


Create a new team from an existing team

Got the perfect team built for a type of project you do regularly? Save time creating a new team by basing it on that existing team. Your basic team structure (settings, channels, tabs, and members) gets copied to the new team and you’ll be ready to go. Look for the option Create a team using an existing team as a template when you create a new team.

Delegate like a boss

Anyone with an Enterprise Voice license can now make someone else their delegate in Teams. Your delegate can receive all your incoming calls and start new calls on your behalf, too. (You’ll still be able to start direct calls yourself if you want to.)

Consult before transferring a call

Need to help a colleague or customer reach the right person? This feature lets you quickly check in with another person via chat or audio call before transferring a call to them. Anyone with an Enterprise Voice license can do this, not just delegates! To try it, when you’re in a call, click More options (…) > Consult then transfer.

Call someone on a HoloLens

Introducing Teams support for Remote Assist, a mixed-reality experience that lets you do two-way calling between the Teams desktop app and a HoloLens. This works from the Teams desktop app on Windows 10, once you have the Remote Assist app installed. When using Remote Assist in Teams, you’ll be able to see the Hololens user’s point of view. And, you’ll be able to make annotations in their world—place arrows, draw lines, and share images—right from Teams. Read more and download a free preview of Remote Assist here.