Productivity and portability have always been a constant leitmotif of the whole Surface family of devices. Microsoft’s effort of what a tablet can do is so far successful but the number of people using them would be a lot less as compared to iPad pro users.

A Bloomberg report suggests that Microsoft will deliver a cheaper Surface tablet this year. According to the report, the new Surface will come with a much needed USB-C and will be priced somewhere around $400.

The device will run Windows 10 pro like other Surface devices but will be lighter than the existing Surface Pro tablets. Unlike the existing Surface Pro tablets, this one will come with rounded edges just like the iPad Pro devices.

Although Microsoft did not speak a word about this device, we assume this thing to be something that Microsoft might be working on as the existing Surface tablets are like too much money for a tablet to the most of the people.

Now what will be interesting to see here is that what processor architecture does this device comes up with. With all the efforts on Windows on ARM project, Microsoft might come up with a hero device that is specially designed and optimized to showcase how well ARM devices can handle Windows 10. The statement is of course speculative keeping Microsoft’s latest ARM efforts in mind.

Microsoft chose to remain silent to this report neither confirmed nor rejected any news regarding the existence of such device. It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft launch such device or not.