Microsoft has acknowledged issues with Windows 11 File explorer impacting its performance. It has also acknowledged several issues impacting Taskbar. One of these Taskbar issues can even cause a PC to stop working.

Coming to details now, Microsoft released an optional update KB5008353 with Build 22000.469 to Windows 11 running PCs recently. In the changelog of this update Microsoft has acknowledged performance issues related to File explorer and Taskbar. These issue not only impact the File explorer and Taskbar but also in some cases overall PC performance.

One of the issue with File explorer on Windows 11 used to affect its performance while browsing for files and selecting files. Another issue used to cause File explorer to stop working.

Taskbar on Windows 11 had many issues which were resolved in this update. Few of the issues impacted the icons of apps in Taskbar in various ways. One issue impacted the auto-hide feature of Taskbar while one could have stopped PC from working.

File Explorer issues

  • Addresses some issues that affect File Explorer’s performance when you browse for files and select files.
  • Addresses a reliability issue that causes File Explorer and desktop context menus to stop working.

Taskbar issues

  • Updates an issue that affects icons for apps when the apps are not running. On the taskbar, these icons might display as active as if the apps are running.
  • Addresses an issue that incorrectly shows the volume icon in the taskbar as muted.
  • Addresses an issue that affects the loading of badging information on the taskbar, which sometimes causes a device to stop working.
  • Addresses an issue that affects the auto-hide feature of the taskbar. The taskbar might not reliably appear when you hover over the primary or secondary display.
  • Addresses an issue that might prevent icons from appearing on the taskbar of a secondary display.