Microsoft is rumored to bring successor to the Surface Laptop 3 that can be marketed as “the new Surface Laptop” or Surface Laptop 4. Surface Laptop 4 is supposed to be launched somewhere in Q1 2021 as per the existing rumors.

Now, it seems that Microsoft is already making preparations for Surface Laptop 4 aka the new Surface laptop launch. A screenshot posted on Twitter shows Microsoft listing “Meet the new Surface XXXXX” under Surface laptop heading.

So, it does look like that Microsoft may be planning to launch Surface laptop 4 as the “the new Surface Laptop”.

A Twitter account earlier posted the images and Product Ids for Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 8 with LTE and Surface Laptop 4. As per the leaked information, Surface Pro 8 is 1960, Surface Pro 8 LTE is 1961 and Surface Laptop 4 is 1950.