Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Bing search results that will help users in finding relevant search results faster. “Page insights” are now available on Bing search result pages. It provides summarized insights from a page on your search results on Bing.

The page insights appear when you hover over the lightbulb icon appearing near a search result link on Bing. This helps in deciding whether the individual search result is relevant before you decide to click on the link. This may actually save some time by eliminating need of clicking on many search result links to fine the suitable one.

You can read details about “Page insights” feature below as provided by Microsoft in its official blog post.

That’s why we’re excited today to announce Page insights on the Microsoft Bing search results page, which provides a summarized insights from a page on your search results so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

For example, imagine you’re curious about Mars and space exploration, but don’t have a specific question in mind. Search “Mars mission NASA” and hover over the lightbulb icon for a promising-looking link. You’ll get a Page insights pane that helps you verify that the source is relevant to your needs, helps you get caught up to speed at a glance on top factoids you didn’t know about, and lets you jump straight to the relevant section of the page when you click ‘Read more’ for a specific question. You can also see more web results in the ‘Explore more’ section, which you can use as a jumping-off point for more exploration.


Or, let’s imagine you have a specific question – you want a deeper understanding of the formation of the solar system’s asteroid belt, but aren’t interested in other facts about it. Simply search for “asteroid belt”, hover over the Page insights lightbulb icon for the top result, and you’ll see that the page in question addresses your question in detail. Click the ‘Read more’ button and you’ll automatically be dropped onto the portion of the page that discusses your question in detail.


Together these updates help inform you beforehand, so you can save time by only clicking through to a pages with a high likelihood of being relevant to what you’re looking for. Page insights is available on desktop only, due to the screen size required to properly display the results, and are currently available in our top English-speaking markets with more coming soon.