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Microsoft Band 2 updated with new Auto Pause feature.


Microsoft released a new update for the Band 2 fitness and activity tracker. The  latest firmware version is 2.0.4313.0. The latest update brings new features such as new Auto Pause feature which allows the fitness tracker to detect when you pause for a break during a training session and more.


Microsoft Band is now equipped with Auto Pause. When you enable Auto Pause, your band will automatically pause your tracking session when it senses you’ve stopped. When you start again, your session will automatically resume. Stop at that intersection, take a water break, or chat with your neighbor without a second thought.

Auto Pause works with the Run Tile and the Bike Tile on Microsoft Band 2.

With this update, Microsoft Band 2 also allows you to view select character-based languages on your band, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Find these languages on your band in the Settings Tile.

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