Edge Canary Update

Microsoft has now silently rolled out a new version of the Microsoft Edge browser.

The new version of Microsoft Edge is officially known as Microsoft Edge Canary which marks the entry of Edge Canary to Android. The app is live in the Google Play Store with app version 91.0.858.0 with a download size of 74.05MB for our test device running Android 11.


Want to be one of the first to preview what’s new? The Microsoft Edge preview channels are now available for mobile! This is the Microsoft Edge Canary channel for Android. Canary will be released daily to keep you up to date on our progress. Your feedback is what helps us improve, so download now and let us know what you think.

So looking at the above description, it is clear that the Micro Edge Canary will be getting new updates on a daily basis.

You can always try out the Edge Canary alongside with official stable build.

Download here