Windows 10

As the release of Windows 10 Creators Update is coming near, Microsoft is yet again reminding users about its privacy policy and how does it affect a PC user. Microsoft has completely refreshed the privacy enhancements behind the scenes and you should definitely walk through all of them when installing Windows on your PC.

Even though Creators Update is set to bring innovations like 3D creation and mixed reality to everyone, enabling every gamer to be a broadcaster, and browsing improvements in Microsoft Edge, privacy still remains a strong pillar and Microsoft is committed to bring it front and center. So, how is Microsoft doing this? Well, there are three new things you should definitely know about.

Firstly, Microsoft is improving in-product information about your privacy. Secondly, you will see an updated Microsoft privacy statement which will include more information about the privacy enhancements in the Creators Update.

And last, but not least, Microsoft is publishing more information about the data it collects from users. At the Basic Level, the company only collects data that is necessary to keep your Windows 10 device secure and up to date. However, if you are in a full support of Windows 10, choose Full Level so that other customers around the globe can benefit from the data that is being collected.

Since the release of Anniversary Update last year, engineers at Microsoft have worked hard to re-evaluate what data is strictly necessary at the Basic level to keep Windows 10 devices up to date and secure. This has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of events collected and reduced, by about half, the volume of data collected at the Basic level.

Finally, after April 11, Microsoft will deliver a notification to schedule your Creators Update and make you choose your privacy settings. You can customise the way you want and then when you are done, hit accept and you are ready to receive the update.

This also applies to mobile devices running Windows 10, too.