Microsoft Edge, the company’s latest web browser that debuted with Windows 10, posted an uptick in market share after posting some steady numbers since its arrival.

Internet Explorer, however, still led the pack.

The numbers provided by Net Applications for the month of September 2015 indicate that Edge currently has 2.40% of the market to its name — seems like a small number, but for a new solution that just made its debut, this is fine.



More than fine, actually, when you consider that Edge still lacks a lot of features.

Anyway, its rivals are doing what they have done for ages.



Internet Explorer 11 continues to be number one browser currently on the market with 25.26%, Google Chrome 45 follows with 15.25%, and in the next place is Internet Explorer 8 with 11.71%.

Firefox 40 occupies the fourth place with 7.58%.

Overalls, then?

Internet Explorer takes the top position, thanks to its 51.59% share, and Chrome is next with 29.86%, while Firefox follows with 11.46%. Apple’s Safari also registers a mark of 5.08%.

All things considered, Redmond should be pleased with how Edge has performance in these first couple of months on the market.

Worth remembering that this is a web browser that is exclusive to Windows 10, an operating system that is still currently growing at a slow yet steady pace.