Microsoft Edge has received two new and interesting features recently. Coming to the first new feature one can now do images search in sidebar when Bing is set as the default search engine. The second one allows to enable authentication for password autofill.

Microsoft Edge has expanded the sidebar Search feature to images as well in the Dev channel Build  92. The feature “search Bing in the sidebar” and the new “search in sidebar for image” appears only when one uses Bing as the search engine in the Edge browser.

As one can see in the image above, the right-click context menu provides “search in sidebar for image“ option.

Coming to the second new feature, Microsoft added another layer of security to Edge for stopping unauthorized usage. Now, if you want to stop anyone else to autofill passwords on Edge, you can make Edge to ask other user to verify with the operation system password.

This feature is available on the Password Management page in Edge Canary and Dev channels. Provided below are the steps to enable it and try it out.

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on  Settings and more
  3. Select Settings
  4. Visit Profiles > Passwords > select “Require Authentication”
  5. You can now choose when you should be prompted to enter Windows Password from options: “Always”, “Once every minute“, and “Once every session.”

Now, once enabled, it will ask to prove your identity and enter OS credentials to update Autofill settings.