Two days ago we posted an article to clarify that Windows 10 Mobile is not dead and that Surface Phone development is still on via our sources. Microsoft has however got most of its recent Mobile decisions wrong, that includes killing their first-party hardware in favor of HP Elite X3 & Alcatel Idol 4S.

Now, Microsoft employees have come forward on Twitter to refute the claims of death of Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile. As you can see in below two tweets from Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager @Microsoft, he has tried to dispel this rumor. So, he emphasizes that work continues on Windows 10 Mobile.

This still leaves many questions unanswered though, but we can’t expect Brandon to answer them. Answer to questions like overall roadmap for Windows 10 Mobile, new devices, new first-party hardware etc should arrive from top echelons of Microsoft Executive team.

Hope, Microsoft makes most of its outing at Build 2017 to answer some burning questions.