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Microsoft expanding Bing & Bing services to 75 markets. Windows Phone to add printing support


bing-app-suite-windows-phoneGreat news for Windows Phone users and for that reason entire Microsoft Eco-system. Bing and Bing based services are missing from most of markets, where Windows Phone is hot. But that will change soon, with Microsoft embarking on expansion of Bing to 75 new markets across the globe. The below job posting taking about this ambitious expansion plan.

Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history. International is now front and center at Bing. ASG is charged to make Bing a quality product in 75 markets around the world, driven by the needs of Microsoft’s core products and global strategic alliances – Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, Nokia, Yahoo and others. If getting on the ground floor in this great adventure sounds appealing, this role is for you.

For the EMEA markets, you will drive and execute strategic partnerships and tactical deals in key search distribution and content areas (which may include local, shopping, entertainment, music, books, video, social, news and apps), for the web, mobile/tablets, Xbox and other devices. This is a great opportunity to exercise and further hone your strategic, analytical, negotiation and relationship building skills, and grow your career at Microsoft.

Which means localized and much stronger Xbox, Windows Phones, Tablets and web based Bing service offerings. Cortana is certainly one of them and then one can realize why this expansion is so much needed.

Another job posting confirms that Microsoft is adding printing capability to Windows Phone soon.

Our team aims to keep Windows the best platform for printer ISVs and IHVs and to design and build the new platforms that will light up these new scenarios. Our team will develop for Windows client, Windows server, phone, tablet, Xbox, and cloud scenarios.

Experience with developing for Windows Phone, working with ISV or IHV partners, or designing platforms and APIs is a plus.

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