Flow app

Microsoft has gracefully released a new update for Flow app on Windows 10 Mobile platform. The Flow business app helps users create, monitor, and manage automated workflows between the web services, files, and cloud-based data.

The latest update to the app adds several new features including the ability to resubmit flow runs, button sharing via email, messages etc. directly from Windows phone and more.

Find the full change log below.

  • You can now resubmit flow runs through the app
  • When creating a button, you can now add a drop-down list for users to choose from when running the button
  • You can now duplicate and modify flows directly from the app by clicking “Save as” on your flow details page
  • We’ve improved the experience when manually running a recurring flow
  • You can now share buttons with your peers directly from your Windows phone
  • You can now share a link to a button via email, messages, and more by tapping the ellipses (…) on your Buttons tab
  • Updated onboarding experience
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Find the Flow app in the Windows Store below.

Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Flow
Price: Free