Microsoft Garage today unveils a new drawing app called Sketch 360 which promises to make things easier for users who sketch or prototype VR scenes. The app allows users to create 360 drawings from a single point without looking out in all directions. That’s not all you can also view them on Facebook or on any modern web browsers. 

For those unaware, Microsoft Garage is not exactly the same as Microsoft. It basically experiments with a variety of projects, some of which even end up being a real Microsoft product. Arrow Launcher fits this example perfectly. Aside from that, the all-new Sketch 360 app fits well with what Microsoft envisioned about the next thing, mixed reality. If the app somehow able to gain momentum it certainly can go in the same direction as the Arrow Launcher or Microsoft can just cherry pick all the cool features from this app embed them in Paint 3D or maybe in the Whiteboard app.  

Below is the summary of what it can do.

  • Trace along embedded, equirectangular gridlines designed for 360 degree scenes
  • See your design come to life with a side-by-side, dual interface
  • Create designs in a variety of thicknesses and in any of 30 colors, powered by Windows Ink
  • Use pen or touch to make your masterpiece, best on Surface with the Surface Pen
  • Adjust the settings for your preferred drawing experience including sketching on the right or left pane, changing gridline opacity and canvas color
  • Export your creations as JPEGs with 360 metadata that immersive experience sites like Facebook and Kuula enable or embed in full websites (HTML, CSS, JS, JPEG)
  • Tilt and rotate in senor-enabled devices
  • Import Sketch 360 files to edit and collaborate on a design
  • Work offline or on-the-go, works great on Surface Book 2 or Surface Go
  • Created with ease using Windows Ink APIs

You can download Sketch 360 here from Microsoft store.