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Microsoft Garage introduces Sketch 360 app, makes it a lot easier to sketch and...

Microsoft Garage today unveils a new drawing app called Sketch 360 which promises to make things easier for users who sketch or prototype VR scenes. The app allows users to create 360 drawings from a...

Microsoft Garage releases Outings app for iOS & Android

Microsoft Garage has released a new app for iOS and Android called "Outings". If you are someone who wants to explore the world then the app is meant for you. It allows you to...

Type Hands-free with Dictate, an add-in for Microsoft Office on Windows

If you ever dreamt of talking to your PC and have it write for you, efficiently while working in Office on Windows, then your wishes have just come true. Meet Dictate, an add-in for...

Email Insights, a new Microsoft Garage app now available in Windows Store

Email Insights is a new Windows 10 app from Microsoft Garage, the app incubation community at Microsoft. It is a lightweight email search client that provides guided search and relevance based search results. It is...

Plumbago, Microsoft Garage app comes to Windows 10

  Plumbago is a new app from the Microsoft Garage project. The app is now available in Windows 10 Store for PC devices. The app boasts to be a digital notebook with a reimagined UI...

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