Email Insights is a new Windows 10 app from Microsoft Garage, the app incubation community at Microsoft. It is a lightweight email search client that provides guided search and relevance based search results. It is now available in Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed.

As per Microsoft, for the best experience with Email Insights, you’ll need either Microsoft Outlook 2016 or a Gmail account.

Email Insights is currently available in the following countries: U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. Minor outlying Islands, Canada, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, India, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands.

Email Insights details & features:

Email Insights is a lightweight email search client which helps users do their emails related tasks faster. It provides guided search in the form of superfast autocomplete, spell correct and fuzzy name search which means that users do not have to type out everything. Email Insights provides relevance based search results in addition to time ordered results so that users do not have to scroll down to find that elusive mail. Email Insights also provides additional features like tabbed email searches and quick commands from search box so that your email experience is faster, easier and more productive.