Azure Traffic Manager

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Geographic Routing capability in Azure Traffic Manager. As Geographic Routing capability becomes generally available, it will put consumers in control to customise content based on regions where users are located on a global basis.

Plus, the customers who need to comply with policy mandates that require the restriction of data access within a Geography can also be achieved.

Azure’s global presence enables you to reach a user base that is vast and diverse across nations and regions, and with Geographic Routing you can now enable a variety of use cases that are tied to geography – such as:

  • Customizing and localizing content for specific regions, enabling better user experience and engagement. As an example, an e-commerce site can localize the site content and merchandise items to users in a specific region.
  • Knowing where the users are coming from makes it easier to implement mandates related to data sovereignty

To learn more about creating a traffic manager routing profile with geographic routing, head to this page