Outlook 2016

Microsoft is teasing the dark mode on its email client, Outlook web. The company originally introduced the Dark mode with Windows phone which later came into Windows 10 for the desktop. We are now seeing Microsoft is implementing the Dark mode almost everywhere within the operating system which includes the File Explorer and also in its several apps and services.

Interestingly, it is not the first time Microsoft is implementing the Dark mode on Outlook.com. Last year if you remember, the company teased us with a sneak preview of the Dark mode at the time of Halloween. Although a team member form outlook.com claims that it was more of prototype and was meant to do some testing.

One reason for the delay is our insistence that we deliver the best Dark Mode of any leading email client (you’ll understand when you see it, I guarantee). The sneak preview you saw last year at Halloween was a prototype that required a lot more work to be ready for prime time. We’ve redesigned the colors and code multiple times and are proud to enter the final stretch.

There is no denying the fact that Dark mode is now becoming a trend in the tech industry. We have seen Apple coming onboard with the Dark mode on its latest MAC OS, Mojave which is enough of a proof of the popularity of the Dark mode.