A demo video of Microsoft Mechanics suggests that Andromeda still is in active development. Interestingly, the demo was not meant to highlight or to hint any as such. The company was actually showcasing its Azure app on Android and iOS. The Andromeda name with different prefixes on the video got the attention of all the enthusiast out there.

Microsoft project Andromeda is perhaps the most talked about project till date. Since the inception of the Courier tablet, Microsoft’s dream of a foldable PC came into existence. Since then it was clear that the company is in a process to change the game. It wats to break the paradigm. We know that courier never made it to the consumer due to software constraints.

As we know the Redmond giant is now again considering the project and taking baby steps to mainstream the device. Reports were floating all over the internet suggesting the launch of the device in this year itself until a report from a prominent Microsoft journalist put a full stop to the project. Various other sources even claimed that the project Andromeda might not ever release. But now it looks like the project is very much alive and still is in active development.