The Redmond giant is actively working on a fix to address some of the quirks in Skype. Skype users earlier reported that their contacts do not see them as Active or Online even though they are. Users also asked for more control on their presence.

Microsoft clarifies that they automatically marked users offline or Inactive when they minimize the app and is currently working to change that with the very next update. Microsoft now says, “your contacts will see you as Active if the Skype app is running on your computer and you are either using the mouse or the keyboard. This change also aligns us with the Skype 7 behavior you are familiar with”.

The company also found a streamlined model to provide users more control. The streamlined model has four states, Active, Recently Active, Away and Not Active.

As we are talking about better control, you also can just hide your presence from settings. That’s not all if you don’t want anyone to make an intrusion to your workflow by calling or whatever, you are now free to let that know to the people in your contact list just by selecting ‘Do not Disturb’ custom status.

Another new feature is in the work that is heavily inspired by WhatsApp. In Skype, you will soon have status messages so that your contacts can easily know if you are unreachable due a vacation or should expect a delay in response as you are attending a conference.