Forza Motorsport 7

Microsoft is on an acquisition spree it seems and after GitHub, it may be planning to shop for more. A PDF document posted on the UK Government’s Companies House website has given birth to this speculation that does have strong chances of being valid.

The PDF document (spotted by WCFtech) in question reveals that Keith Ranger Dolliger, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Business and Corporate Development at Microsoft was appointed as a new director within Playground Games on May 29th. Keith has been instrumental in many acquisitions that Microsoft has done in recent times.

He was appointed as director on a long list of companies such as LinkedIn, Rare, Skype, Lionhead, Groove Networks, Havok, Xamarin and more. These all companies had been ultimately acquired by Microsoft. So, seems Keith is the in-house expert to make acquisitions smoother for Microsoft.

It can be noted however that Microsoft and Playground Games have been working closely to release Microsoft exclusive series of Forza games. So, this acquisition will make sense for Microsoft too.