It looks like Microsoft is building a pink edition of Xbox One X. Lyraull on Twitter posted an image which hints at the possibility. Neither Lyraull nor Microsoft came up with anything concrete except for the image. Means we don’t have any other information about the device like its price, launch date and how is it different from the existing Xbox One X.

Xbox One X is at the present time only available in black and it is currently the world’s most powerful console. A pink edition would be a welcome addition besides the dark one. Purely based on speculation, it is believed that the specs would be the same as in the Black edition. The pink one although might cost you some a few extra bucks or can even be less. If this thing ever happens we will learn more in the future well before its release.

Please note that Microsoft is in no mode to upgrade their Xbox One X console. Reportedly, we will see a hardware refreshment to the existing Xbox One X console sometime in late 2019 or in 2020.