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Microsoft Office Insiders gets a new Monthly Channel (Targetted) build for February


A new of Microsoft Office is being rolled out to Office Insiders. The latest build of Microsoft Office to Office Insiders is being rolled out as Monthly Targetted Channel build of February.

The February Targetted build of Office Insiders get the build version as 12527.20092 with version number 2002. The update is being rolled out to Insider program users and could soon make way for the general public.

New changes:

Look left, look right…XLOOKUP is here!

XLOOKUP is the successor to the iconic VLOOKUP function! It’s named for its ability to look both vertically and horizontally (yes it replaces HLOOKUP too!). In its simplest form, XLOOKUP needs just 3 arguments to perform the most common exact lookup (one fewer than VLOOKUP). Let’s consider its signature in the simplest form:


lookup_value: What you are looking for

lookup_array: Where to find it

return_array: What to return


Lasso your ink

Do you like to mark up your documents using ink? Wish you could remove just a few inked comments? Now you can easily select an ink object embedded within text and remove it. The Lasso Select feature will automatically ignore text during the selection.


Ask a question about your data

Got a question about your data? Not sure how to get started? Ideas looks for patterns in your data to provide intelligent suggestions and visualizations. You can now type your question into the input box and let Ideas find the answer. Give it try.

  1. From an open spreadsheet, select a cell in a data range.

  2. From the Home tab, click the Ideas button.

  3. In the input box, type a specific question or select one from the drop-down menu.

Ideas will quickly answer your question with formulas, charts, or pivot tables. Ideas works best when your data is formatted as an Excel table with a single header row at the top.

Get more insight from your data:

Need more information? Get a deeper understanding of your data using the new data profiling views in Power Query Editor. Quickly drill down into details and take action. Using the different views, you can drill down into your data and identify unique values, errors, and duplications. Try it out.

  1. In Power Query Editor, create or open an existing query.

  2. On the View tab, check Column quality, Column distribution, and Column profile.

  3. Select a column from the top pane. Power Query Editor will display more details in the lower panes.

  4. Hover over the data to get more information including suggested actions, like remove duplicates.


Help protect data in your group

You asked for it! Keep your emails compliant with your organization’s information protection policies by applying sensitivity labels.

You no longer need to manually apply encryption, or manually insert headers or footers into emails to state how sensitive they are, for example. Now, all you need to do is apply a Sensitivity label (like “General” or “Highly Confidential”), and the Microsoft Information Protection platform will do the rest (based on policies IT administrators create).

How to enable the feature

  • In the Message tab in Outlook, click the Sensitivity button, and choose the label you want.


Improved query-based editing features

We’ve heard your feedback. We need to make it easier to edit queries. We’ve made the following improvements:

  • Query Designer – Added more features to the right-click options, including Open, Table Design, Size to Fit, and Hide Table.

  • SQL view – Added find and replace.

  • Relationships window – Added multiple table select, table-edge adjustment, and mouse wheel scroll.

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