In an official blog post, Microsoft has confirmed upcoming Windows 11 File explorer features and UI changes. It has also mentioned other new Windows 11 features like Focus, system wide Live Captions, Voice Access and AI powered intelligent meeting features.

Coming to details now, Microsoft has revealed that Windows 11 will get Tabbed File explorer in the upcoming update which one can assume to be the version 22H2 update. While the text didn’t mention UI changes, the File explorer sidebar has a modern UI redesign as revealed in the below official video. Check the featured image for your first look at the File explorer with redesigned sidebar and Tabs.

Other noteworthy features mentioned by Microsoft as coming to Windows 11 are Focus, system wide Live Captions, Voice Access and AI powered meeting features. Read the details provided by Microsoft below.

More inclusive, accessible and intelligent Windows is for each of us, and Windows 11 is the most accessible and inclusive version of Windows ever. New features like Focus, system wide Live Captions, and Voice Access empower everyone, including people with disabilities, to do more. Focus makes it easier for information workers, including people with ADHD, to build healthy digital habits and be more productive. System-wide Live Captions in Windows 11 make it easier for everyone, including people who are hard of hearing or deaf and language learners, to understand spoken content.

And Voice Access makes it possible for everyone, including people with limited mobility and people with repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, to control their device and dictate content using their voice. Each of these experiences was created in partnership with people with disabilities and extended to many other Windows users. Additionally, we want to help Windows users be more efficient and more productive in every experience. The redesigned, cloud-powered File Explorer makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, allowing you to see all files in one centralized place. You can also pin files and create tabs in File Explorer, bringing what used to take six clicks to get to an important file to one.

To further improve the meeting and collaboration experience, we’re also introducing new intelligent meeting features for Windows 11 powered by AI. More than ever, we’re connecting with each other through our devices, and with new features like Voice clarity and Voice focus, Automatic framing, Portrait background blur and Eye contact we want to make that experience feel more personal and more human*.