After first allowing unsupported or “Windows 10 PCs not meeting minimum requirements” in the Windows 11 insider program, Microsoft is now pushing them out. Insider with unsupported Windows 11 PC are receiving a message informing them about their ineligibility to join Windows 11 insider program.

The message further asks insiders with unsupported Windows 11 PCs to re-install Windows 10 and move to Release Preview channel to participate in insider program. While this comes as a bit shocking move, Microsoft has clarified this scenario earlier. It is not clear whether those being pushed out of Windows 11 insider preview belong to the “Red” or “Yellow” or both the categories

Microsoft yesterday announced the Windows 11 release date as October 5. This action comes just after this announcement which strengthens the general opinion about Microsoft trying to push new hardware. Even the first receivers of Windows 11 official release are the “new” eligible Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft has however left a loophole open allowing anyone with a Windows 10 PC to be able to install Windows 11. This will be possible using Media creation tool and ISO images though these PCs will be in a “unsupported state”. Microsoft won’t make security updates available for such unsupported PCs.

In a blog post, Microsoft has provided details about why it has set minimum requirements for installing and running Windows 11. Microsoft claims that Windows 11 on unsupported PCs not meeting the minimum requirement results in 52% more BSOD errors. Microsoft also claims that Windows 11 devices meeting minimum requirements have 99.8% crash free experience.