Windows 10 Creators Update

If you are an IT professional whose job is to keep track of the updates and update the operating systems accordingly in a commercial environment, then you should be pretty much aware of the changes Microsoft is ready to make when the Creators Update lands on a PC near you.

Microsoft has announced that the following features and functionalities in the Windows 10 Creators Update edition have either been removed from the product in the current release (“Removed”) or are not in active development and are planned for potential removal in subsequent releases (“Deprecated”).

Apndatabase.xml is being replaced by the COSA database. Therefore, some constructs will no longer function. This includes Hardware ID, incoming SMS messaging rules in mobile apps, a list of privileged apps in mobile apps, autoconnect order, APN parser, and CDMAProvider ID.X
Apps CornerX
By default, Flash autorun in Edge is turned off. Use the Click-to-Run (C2R) option instead. (This setting can be changed by the user.)X
Interactive Service Detection ServiceX
Microsoft Paint for languages that are not on the full localization listX
NPN support in TLS (superseded by ALPN)X
Reading ListX
Tile Data LayerX
TLS DHE_DSS ciphers DisabledByDefaultX
Windows Information Protection “AllowUserDecryption” policyX
WSUS for Windows Mobile, updates are being transitioned o the new Unified Update Platform (UUP)X
IPsec task offloadX