Microsoft carMicrosoft has increased emphasis on tapping internet of things opportunity. During a BUILD 2014 session, it presented , how it plans to bring Windows to various devices, big or small. One of the key concepts that this “Windows and the Internet of¬†Things” session has revealed is Microsoft’s ‘Windows in the car’.

As can be seen in the above screenshot of a slide from the presentation, Microsoft’s concept allows mirroring of what is on the screen of a Windows device onto the car’s touch dashboard. It uses Mirrorlink for achieving this, which has been also used by Symbian devices like 808 PureView and other.

Though this is at a concept stage and still not ready for market, but Microsoft is testing it in real cars, as explained in the demo. This gives hope that Microsoft will not be too late in tapping the in-car opportunity as has been in the case of smartphones.

You can watch the session video below or click here for checking the full Presentation.