Microsoft has decided to change the legacy Windows Bluetooth menu to a much more functional Bluetooth flyout on Windows 11. The change was added to the changelog of the Windows 11 insider Build 22563 that Microsoft released to Dev channel recently.

The new Bluetooth flyout bears Windows 11 design and allows to manage Bluetooth devices directly within the quick settings. Once can connect, disconnect and see battery level of connected devices on the new flyout itself. This is a massive jump in user experience as far as Bluetooth usage on Windows is concerned.

Check the first look of new Bluetooth flyout provided by Microsoft in the screenshot below. Also check how the flyout looks like in Dark mode in the feature image above.

  • [ADDED 2/25] We are beginning to roll out the ability to more easily manage your Bluetooth devices directly within Quick Settings, including the ability to connect, disconnect, and see battery level for supported devices.
Easily manage your Bluetooth devices directly within Quick Settings.
Easily manage your Bluetooth devices directly within Quick Settings.

This feature is part of A/B testing and may not be available for all insiders. Enthusiasts have, however, tweaked Windows registry values to enable this flyout using ViVeTool on any PC running Windows 11 Build 22563. You can follow steps listed below to enable it on your PC.

How to enable?

  • Download ViVeTool from here: (Download from GitHub)
  • Launch ViVeTool with admin command prompt then enter the following velocity ids
  • vivetool addconfig 3522110 2
  • vivetool addconfig 2988131 2