Microsoft is expected to launch Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 in the month of April/May. Now, as we are already in April new Surface accessories related to Surface Book 3 and 2020 version of other accessories have started to appear in Distributor databases.

With Surface Book 3, Microsoft will also launch Surface 127W power supply which is an upgrade over the 102W power supply of Surface Book 2. It will be priced at EUR 123/USD 99 reveal the distributor listings.

Surface Dock 2 is also on the way and it will be priced around EUR 245. It comes with two USB-C ports as per the information that we have.

The third Surface accessory that we have seen listings of is Surface USB-C Travel Hub. It will provide multiple USB-C ports enabling connection to multiple devices at the same time. It may be priced around EUR 105 in Europe.